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  • Please, don’t stretch your text across the entire screen

    I read a lot of blogs on the internet. I find this extremely enjoyable – there are so many people out there with interesting things to say, and different perspectives to my own. One thing which (very slightly) gets in the way of my blog-reading fixation is that a lot of blogs have unreasonable line…

  • Perfect is the enemy of good

    This is a really excellent aphorism, and that I am a lot more productive when I apply it. I first noticed this in a history class, so a lot of my thinking comes from my experiences there. Of course, I’m opening myself up to the “now I understand why you write the way that you…

  • “You’re being defensive”

    I learned of this strategy a few years ago at a debating tournament. Someone (who shall remain unnamed) recommended that you should always describe your opposition as “defensive”. There’s no coming back from being called defensive. The natural (instinctive) reaction is to say I’m not being defensive – a defensive person which doesn’t work because…

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